Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime Memories

It is a beautiful sunny day out there. On my walk today I had the sun beating down on me and warming me. Fortunately I could seem to will up a breeze when needed so I wasn't too hot.

I always here people say how the summer makes them feel like children and brings back so many memories. I wonder if that because summer can give an illusion of freedom and reduced responsibilities. To be honest I don't think there is much about summer that makes me feel like a child again.

Running through sprinklers was something I did as a child but it doesn't bring back sweet memories. I see a child running through the water and I smile. But I don't feel all sentimental. Sames goes for swimming pools, the ice cream truck, playing in the playground or sitting on a blanket in a park. Pleasant events but nothing that makes me reminisce.

However there is something that does bring back memories:

Finding a patch of wildberries. I spent from the ages of six to twelve living in northern BC. Part of that time was spent on a farm where wildberries of all sorts grew. The girls who lived on the farm next to us and I would spend our summer days horseback riding, swimming in the river and traipsing around the two properties. The discoveries we made were incredible - at least to us. But there was something special about picking the wildberries and eating them. The sweetness tinged with the tart was a taste that was heaven sent. And we never worried about whether there were any chemicals or such on the berries. We just ate them and we survived. I liked the blackberries but saskatoon berries are the ones that stick in my memory.

Here's to you finding the beauty in your environment.

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