Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look at Where it is Now!

In 1908 Vancouver's second secondary school was built. Today Britannia Community Secondary School is the oldest secondary school in Vancouver. In 1975 an elementary school was added to the area. In 1976 the Britannia Community Services Centre opened and the complex was changed forever.

To walk the area now a visitor sees a variety of social and physical services offered such as an indoor swimming pool, skating rink, fitness centre, seniors, youth and adult learning centres. Some of the events for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was even held here.

Children from preschool age to Grade twelve are taught here, there is after school daycare, a library, a community bulletin board and classes in a variety of topics.

It is a beautiful place to learn, get fit, socialize or just sit. You can even enjoy some artwork on the wall:

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I hope you find the beauty and wonder around you. And if you have any area in Vancouver that you would like me to visit, let me know. I'll try to visit.

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