Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Religious Harmony

A relatively short walk from my place - okay some may not think it is a short walk but it is for me - is a section of the city where cultures are blending.

Chinatown is a blend of the past and the present, of different Asian cultures and of the North American society in which it resides. Of course we have the shopping - foods and smells that can be alien to many of us - and the languages spoken can be harsh to the unaccustomed ear. It can be an exciting and tiring place.

On one street I saw this Cathedral for Korean worshippers. Reminds me of a Catholic structure - sturdy, ornate, majestic.
Then I went up another street and there was a Buddhist temple with the door wide open.

I tiptoed in and asked an eldery man if I could take a photo. He spoke to a monk and I was granted permission to do so. But before I could move any further I had to take off my shoes. And it was more than worth it to be able to get close to the display.

Don't you agree that is quite the display? Gorgeous. And there was such a feeling of calm and peace in that small building. And silence. It was a nice break from my walk.

When I left I thought about the first church and mentally compared it to this one. Two different religions, two different presentations of their faith yet they exist with only a street or two between them. That is one of the freedoms that immigrants to this country have come to expect. And that all citizens deserve.

I will be writing on this area again. There is a wealth of photo opportunities, history and information in that area so I will be writing on it again.

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