Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LOA, mammograms and stuff

Do you believe in the law of attraction? That you can bring something to you just by thinking about it? Today I was on a long walk and it was hot. As many of you know MS is a heat intolerant disease and sometimes the heat does really bother me. Today whenever it got too bad I just thought about a breeze wafting over me. A burst of air to cool my flaming skin and provide me with a bit of respite. Guess what? It happened! Almost everytime I thought about it I got a breeze. Now I realize that this could just be coincidence but I prefer to believe that I am attracting it.

Today I had to go for a mammogram. Although men keep telling me that it's good to get the boobs squeezed once in awhile I don't find a mammomgram my favorite thing to have done but it is necessary. And I am thankful that I live in a time where this technology is available and a country that can supply it. Hopefully they never find anything but it is good to get checked.

After the appointment I walked back to my apartment - about 2.73 miles or 4.4 km. I made sure I had an empty bag attached to my belt so I could collect bottles (might as well make these walks financially profitable as well) and my camera on a strap around my neck. I wanted to get a stockpile of photos of this city while the sun was shining and everything looked so sparkly!

Everyone seems so much happier when the sun shines. Things also seemed to be taken a bit slower - the pressure of the heat bearing down on us and hampering quick movements. They amble along the sidewalk, smiling at most everyone they see. Makes the walk a very pleasant affair.

I turned off of Broadway because I saw a little park and it was time for me to sit and have something to eat. And water of course - I really needed that. As I was walking to a bench I stopped, took off my sunglasses then snapped a photo. I thought you might like to see the man I saw reclining under the trees.

Isn't that something else? I had to get a picture of that. I swear if I was further away I would actually think it was a man or woman laying on their side.

After my snack I continued wandering home. I stopped and bought some sushi. I was little nervous because of the heat and although I only had about another fifteen or twenty minutes left to walk I didn't want to have the raw fish spoil. One of the women behind the counter gave me a bag of chipped ice so when I paid for the meal I just put the ice on top. Ate half tonight and will have the other half for lunch tomorrow.

If you like sushi and are in this area then give Fujiya's a try. I go to the one at Venables and Clark. It is a Japanese grocery market and their prices are quite reasonable.

Now I am going to relax and wind down. I am tired after that walk in the heat so a nice cup tea and a warm bath to wash off the day's grime will be nice.

And don't worry. I got lots of pictures today and I am sure I will find something interesting to comment on with each of them.

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