Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hub of Activity

Today was the first of my monthly grocery shopping trips. To do this I walk a mile and half south on Commercial Drive to Safeway located at Broadway and Commercial.

What a busy intersection! There are two commuter stations, numerous small coffee shops, a couple of clinics, banks, drug stores and, of course, fast food establishments. Not only can a person catch a commuter train to other parts of the city and the outskirts but there are also connections to different bus routes. This is one busy corner of the city.

As I was walking along Commercial Drive I came across another one of those plaques I was telling you of that speak of the history of the area. This person was remembering the Drive in 1948, a time when it wouldn't be strange to hear the clip clop of horses' hooves on the cobblestone streets as the animals pulled milk trucks for daily milk deliveries or the rag man's wagon.

Perhaps it was a scene somewhat like this one?

This person also remembered going to the movies at the Grandview Theatre near First Street and Commercial Drive. That is now the location of The El Sureno Market and I didn't find much information about the theatre.

I did manage to find out a little on the Rio Theatre on Broadway, just up from the hub of Broadway and Commercial.

This theatre was originally opened in 1938 and has, of course, gone through many changes and updates since then. Not only does the RIO hold midnight screenings of cult films and show current releases- the majestic theatre also holds special events such as CD release parties, live theatre and even hosted the Canadian Porn Awards. I think I have even seen a mother's event. There were a lot of ladies with strollers lined up to get in. Through the magic of Facebook and other social media the RIO theatre is once again making a name for itself.

After I did my shopping I started to walk home along Victoria Drive, my mind still thinking about the plaque about Commercial Drive in 1948. I started to pass one of my favorite homes in this area:

I couldn't find any information on this house although the gentleman sitting on the stoop informed me that an elderly neighbour of theirs had told him that it was once a home for the elderly. The Rosealee Manor?It is now a family home and this man and his father are working on fixing it up. It is divided into eight suites but if it were once a single family home I wonder what the inside would have looked like then. I'll have to keep my ears open and see if anything turns up in my further research.

Isn't it just gorgeous?

That's all for now. Tomorrow is the second part of my end of the month ritual. I'll see you then and I hope you find the beauty around you.

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