Monday, July 26, 2010

Pearls of a Different Hue

In 1981 something happened in Vancouver that was to become legendary. The Pink Pearl Chinese  Restaurant opened on East Hastings Street.

This place soon became known for its excellent food, especially the Dim Sum and won many awards for best Chinese restaurant in the 1990s. Asian as well as Caucasian eaters enjoyed the fare regularly. Doing a search on the restaurant I found a lot of complimentary reviews and sites that listed this as a place to go for those visiting Vancouver.

I remember going there with my parents and business associates of theirs back in the late 1980s. So much of the food seemed foreign to me but boy was it good! I really enjoyed it.

In September of 2009 tragedy struck. An overnight blaze which at one point required eight fire trucks closed down the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant. Only temporarily though. The sign outside says that they will reopen once renovations are complete and to watch the Georgia Strait for the announcement. I will just continue to walk by it and watch for it.

Here's to you finding the beauty around you.

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