Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artwork in the City

Today I went on a mission. I decided that it was time to show all my readers the building artwork in this city.

Some murals are there to educate. Such as this one:

This side of the building shows some of the history of the North Strathcona area with the painting and facts. I made sure to copy down some information. Of course my little digital camera wasn't able to get the entire wall.

These three were in a panel in Chinatown. To me it represents a bit of their culture. Actually when I saw someone working on it yesterday it gave me the idea to do a blog entry on murals around the city.

It was hot out today and I was getting quite tired so I headed back to my stomping grounds -Commercial Drive -and there is wealth of artwork. Just take a look.

And then there is the one that really makes you stop and look. It is located at Venables and Commercial Drive.

These murals are a great way to brighten buildings, make a business unique and give local artists an outlet for their talent. There are also paintings on the sidewalk of the Drive. I marvel at the talent and patience that goes into creating each one of these.

Hope your weekend was great and you find the beauty around you.

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