Friday, July 16, 2010

Renewed Memories

Way back in the late 1960s, my parents, my brother and I shared this apartment with a long haired guinea pig named Pierre and I think a cat named Banjo.

When we lived there I don't think there was that big white fence but there was an metal railing around the patio. I can remember squeezing in between the horizontal railings to go out. (I was five and small enough)

This is the street where a friend and I got the idea to play a game of chicken with the cars.

Or was it this street? No matter. My friend and I got the idea that it would be fun to run out from between parked cars and see if the moving ones would stop. My father happened to be in the apartment and wondered what was happening when he heard the screeching brakes. He came out to investigate.

This is the hospital across the street where my mother was working in admitting and heard me scream as my father tanned my hide for this stunt.

Before you think my father is an ogre I have a great set of lungs and I probably started screaming as soon as I saw him. When he got angry he used to bite down on his tongue and it would swell.I always knew that I was in trouble when that happened.

Rest assured I never tried that again. I got to do other things that gave my father white hair and helped teach my mom to let the little things go. I also my fair share of spankings and it never hurt me though I sometimes wonder if that is why my butt isn't as nicely rounded as JLo's and looks kinda flat.

I would like to give a shoutout to Mills Basic on Clark Drive. I walked by there and it looked like a fiesta. The people were kind enough to let me take photos.

I hope they had fun. Perfect way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend and I hope that you find the beauty around you.
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  1. What a cute story. Despite the spanking which I know must of hurt, its so cute how you describe it all. I was too afraid of my dad to try any stunts like that and I don't know why, he never hit me, that I can recall.
    Must of been "the look" he would give. A thick unibrow all scrunched together when angry, his lips persed and then the disappointment...that was worse than a spanking.