Friday, August 30, 2013

How A Legend is Born

This grand building is at 1636 and 1638 Charles Street. The home has elements of Neo-classical or maybe the Colonial style, as seen by the hipped roof with bellcast eaves and the front dormer as well as the bay window on the front porch.

There is an added frame-in upper verandah to take advantage of the view. This feature is common in houses in the West End and Fairview built in the 1890s.

Builder Peter Duffey obtained the permit to build this home on May 16, 1910. He estimated that the cost of construction would be $2800.

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When the two ghostly hands touched, they melded to become one. Each of the celestial humans felt a shock that threw them back a few feet before coming back together. Their bodies became one incandescent being glimmering with iridescent hues of every color in the spectrum.

If someone on the ground had happened to look up, they would have seen a display more impressive than the famous Northern Lights. The form in the sky, which could vaguely be made out as human, glowed with vibrating colors. The hues of the colors fluctuated in intensity yet were always magnificent. It would have left a person feeling awe-struck as they unwittingly watched two beings joined as one.
Laura was filled with joy, hope and wonder. She felt as if she was touching heaven. No words were spoken between the two beings but Laura could sense that the man felt the same way. She knew his name was Julian and, like her, didn’t understand what was happening. She thought her name and felt his acknowledgment. Together they floated across the sky.

Julian grasped her hand again, marveling at the completeness he felt when they became one. Nothing, not even the success he had found earlier this evening, could match the joy he felt at this moment. He stared at the ethereal being beside him and was overwhelmed by a desire to kiss her. He lowered his head and, when their ghostly lips met, a burst of brightly hued sparks cascaded from their united mouths.

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Here is a brief look at Mystique Rising.

People ran from the concert hall, screaming in reaction to the horror they had just witnessed. Their clothes bloodied, assorted limbs broken and their minds  numb by the massacre they had just seen, many fought their way to the ambulances that were just pulling up.

Appearing much calmer than the fleeing concert attendees, several identically black clad individuals emerged holding various assortments of weapons. Those waiting for services of the ambulance attendants cowered at the sight of these imposing figures and anyone who would manage to retain their sanity knew that they would never forget this horrific night.

In addition to their confusion, the earth began to shake violently. Buildings shook on their foundations; people struggled to maintain their balance as they attempted to assist those in need. Suddenly, a crevice in the ground began to form around the auditorium. Rapidly, it widened and the concert hall began a slow descent. Before the horrified eyes of the onlookers, the building slowly disappeared from sight and the ground sealed itself around the buried structure.

The earth stilled but was replaced by a forceful wind that seemed to approach tornado proportions. The gusts were so strong that people were thrown from where they stood and deposited a few feet away; trees were uprooted and vehicles were overturned. Sand from the nearby beach was lifted by the winds and created a sandstorm that was blinding. As quickly as this chaos had started, it stopped with what many later claimed sounded like a great sigh.

Two events of importance happened that night: Rock and roll music ended and a legend was born.

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The information I got on the house is from the Grandview Heritage Blog.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Immoral does He Have to Be?

Here's a likeness of the man I am speaking of today. B.C.'s 15th premier, Edward Gawler Prior.
There isn't a lot of information on our fifteenth premier, Edward Gawler Prior but, through the Free masonry website, I did find a obituary of Prior written in the Victoria Daily Times on December 13, 1920.

Prior was born in Dallowgill, Yorkshire England on May 1, 1853. He was educated at Leeds Grammar School then went onto study mining engineering at Wakefield.

In 1873, Prior arrived on Vancouver Island to work as an engineer and surveyor with the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company in Nanaimo.

This house is on West 6. The building date is listed as 1912.
Early in 1878, Prior was appointed Government Inspector of Mines and moved to Victoria but he returned later that year. In 1886, Prior won a seat in the BC provincial legislature where he served until 1888. That was the year that he won a position in the Canadian House of Commons as an MP for Victoria. (Federal level).

From December 1895 to the end of April of 1896, Edward was the Controller of Inland Revenue. He held the position for another month.

In 1901 is when things appear to have gotten interesting. Prior was kicked out of his federal seat for "violation of election rules." So what does he do? He runs in the provincial election and gets elected! Not only that, in 1902, he becomes Premier of the province.

So now Edward Prior is premier of B.C. - that last one to lead the government in a non party system. A year later, guess what happens? He is kicked by the lieutenant governor because Prior gave his hardware company a really important, government contract.

One thing you have to say for Prior is that he was a determined man and obviously didn't feel as if he had done anything wrong. In 1904, Prior lost both his provincial seat and an attempt to get back in the Canadian House of Commons. 

You would think that would be the end of this man's political career but that means that this story would be as interesting. Despite his misdeeds in public service and being dismissed by the lieutenant governor, Edward Gawler Prior became the province's 11th Lieutenant Governor 1919. Sadly, Prior became ill not long after his appointment and died in office.

Prior has the doubtful distinction of being the last Canadian premier to be dismissed by a Lieutenant Governor and the only BC Lieutenant Governor to die in office.

I started this article getting information from the free masonry site but when I looked around; I discovered that the obit in the paper was too complimentary. Not To Be Trusted With provided some juicer facts.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Make Money From Your Home

1965 Turner Street is an example of a typical, gabled "Vancouver Box". This common vernacular style of building was quite popular from 1886 - when the city was first formed - up to 1914.

As you can see, there is a full two stories and an attic. The porch is a separate structure that is attached to the house's "box" frame. This home has an interesting addition which extends into the side yard. FYI, the lots on Turner and Ferndale street are half the standard depth and this has led to some interesting combinations of small, deep and wide properties.
In 1907 and 19089, this address was listed at 1971. A teamster by the name of William T.  Ashford is listed as living here from 1907 through 1912. There is no building permit listed so perhaps the "addition" is in fact the original cottage and the Ashfords added to that around 1910 when the family became more prosperous and settled.

This is an interesting structure located at 2028-2034 Triumph street. What seems to have happened is that the owner of the property built a house. Then decided he or she could make money from this large lot so the house was moved to the back of the lot and an apartment building was built. All this seems to have happened in 1912.

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The Grandview Heritage blog supplied the information on the Turner Street house while bob_2006 at 'told' me about the Triumph property.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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