Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer, Gardens and Such

What do you get when you take an unused plot of land, a bunch of plants, some hard working individuals and maybe an old car?

You get a community garden at the corner of Broadway and Clark Drive. This little area is a pleasure to walk by. Watching things grow, seeing what can be done by a group of people working together and noticing the love and care that has gone into this lot of land is heartwarming.

Having a community garden such as this, especially in the middle of the city, can be a beneficial attribute. Growing one's own vegetables promotes healthier eating - or it can depending on what is used to help the vegetables grow. It can also be used as a tool to teach children about nature and its bounties. Too often people in cities can become isolated and even those who live in the same apartment building may not know any of their neighbors. Having a communal garden such as this can bring people together.

It wouldn't be good for me though because I tend to be an introvert, I kill most things I try to grow and I don't play well with others.

But back to the point. There are those who are against community gardening. Some say it promotes racism by only letting a select few access to the gardens. (By the select few do they mean the people who put in the time and effort and monies to make the garden successful?)Others see it as a wasted use of land that could go to other uses. Everyone has a right to their opinion I guess.

I'll leave you with another look at this marvelous garden and I hope that you can find beauty and happiness around you.

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