Monday, August 16, 2010

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That`s right. Today we are taking an overview into my area of town - East Vancouver.

Historically East Vancouver has been the home for immigrants and the working class since the 1880s. Then the eastern most border of the city of Vancouver was Heatley Avenue which is about 8.8 kilometres from where the border is now.

Housing prices in Vancouver are traditionally less expensive than those on the West side. This attracts the immigrants, those with lower incomes and the artists among others. Walking around here I see examples of the arts everywhere I go.

Like in a person`s front yard.

Perhaps because this area is home to artists and such the political leanings tend to be more towards the left. From 2000 to 2009 there was a newspaper published fortnightly called The Republic. This paper garnered attention when it declared East Vancouver as a sovereign state. Though the editor of the paper, Kevin Potvin, claimed that they weren`t in support of any party or group or cause, the paper`s masthead did state that they were `biased media` since Potvin believes that all media is biased. He was just being honest about the whole thing. The Republic is currently on hiatus for an undetermined length of time.

This area is home to the second oldest park in Vancouver. Stanley Park is the oldest.

In 1889 Mr. E. J. Clark donated this land to the newly created park commission. Originally this park was to called Buffalo Park but ton July 26, 1911 the name was changed to Clark Park.

We`ve already talked about the history and beauty of Trout Lake. Here`s a few more examples.

I was reading today online that at one time residents around this area asked the park board to clear away the vegetation surrounding the lake to discourage those who wanted to skinny dip.

Greenery pops up in the most surprising places. Clark Drive is filled with industrial shops. I pass warehouse after warehouse. Then something like this appears.

A beautiful spot to take a respite from the concrete world around it.

Community gardens are another way Vancouverites keep the beauty of nature around them. And these gardens can also help people to eat healthier.

And some like to add their own unique touches to the gardens.

Everywhere I go I feel a vibe, an energy. Different areas of the city affect me in different ways. Downtown is busy, energetic and fast paced.

I can feel the energy levels just by looking at this photo taken at the corner of Clark Drive and East 6th.

Here, in the Hastings, Grandview-Woodland area, I feel relaxed. I feel like most of those I meet are open and friendly. It is a good feeling. I enjoy walking to different areas yet I feel at home as soon as I near the streets I wander daily.

Vancouver is actually a fairly young city - only 124 years old - yet it is one that is filled with history. It is growing quite quickly and it is going to be interesting to watch the changes we go through. But I hope that we always remember the past and I want to keep searching out the stories that make us unique.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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  1. I totally enjoyed reading this Karen.
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