Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eating on the Drive

Put on your bibs, grab your utensils because this post is on food! Glorious food.

Today one of my friends and I went out for lunch. Sue is a great lady that I have known for about eight or nine years. Every once in a while we get together for lunch and catch up on all the gossip.

Usually we go to Havana Restaurant which is a funky little place that serves nuevo latino cuisine. The food is great as is the atmosphere.

The place gives off a really warm vibe with friendly staff. It isn't only a restaurant though. It also has a gallery that showcases artists and a 60 seat theatre venue. On an episode of Project Runway Canada one of the final contestents was sitting at a table on the patio with designer Brian Bailey.

These are the two employees of Havana Restaurant that we dealt with today. Don't they look friendly? They were and great at their jobs.

For gastric delights though the Drive is a haven. I only covered a few blocks and look at a few of the places I found.

When I first moved into this area I was told by someone that a person can eat from the four continents of the world within a few blocks. If a person walks they can see sushi places, Carpathian food, Ethopian, Italian, Japanese and almost everything else you can imagine. And if it isn't there it may appear at any time.

This place is just what is says. It serves authentic southern barbeque food with menu choices such as 'Smokehouse Chilli', 'Catfish Po'Boys', 'Pulled Pork Sandwich' and such. And there platters with names such as the 'Elvis Platter' and the 'Priscilla Platter' (the Priscilla has more food) just to keep the Memphis feeling alive.Here is a place where you can get an oyster po'boy with a side order of collard greens and finish with some pecan pie. I'm getting hungry again!

Just past Frances Street, on Commercial Drive, is a restaurant that has been there for over fifty years. 

I have never been to Nick's Spaghetti House but from all I have heard there is a very good reason for it being in business this long. The decor is simple and homey and the staff is warm and friendly. Then there is the food. The servings are generous and the food is reported to be some of the best Italian food in town. From other reviewers I have read that the menu is extensive and Nick's seems to focus on pasta. One of my favorites so I am going to have to go there.

Now this sign really sets my mouth watering! When you get your cherries and blueberries from the back of a truck you know that they are more than likely fresh. These blueberries are grown in Abbotsford and the cherries come from the Okanagan. They are being sold at the corner of Commercial Drive and Charles until 3pm. Then the seller goes somewhere else to return here the next day.

Don't those look just delicious? I bought some and can tell you that they are luscious!

Hungry yet? I'm getting there. Until tomorrow I hope that you find the beauty around you.

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