Sunday, August 1, 2010

Japan, Canada, Paris

Today's stroll took me to the Oppenheimer Park on Powell Street. Yesterday and today the park was host to the 34th Annual Powell Street Festival. This festival is the longest ongoing community event in Vancouver and a very large Japanese Canadian event.

I first heard the strong beat and sounds of the band, Paris in Tokyo so I wandered over to the band shell. The music was enjoyable and added a element of excitement to the festival. People of all ages were tapping along to the tunes. I usually walk around with my iPod on but not today. Instead I let the sounds of the band entertain me.

This is another culture within our own. Everywhere I went I heard and saw things that were different from what I am usually exposed to. Like when I glanced at the trees. A trio of birds that won't make a mess!

As soon as I saw these young ladies I immediately thought how graceful they looked. How elegant.

This next duo were on their way to an archery exhibition at the Japanese school. I was invited but I didn't make it.

People were everywhere...

and they just kept mulitplying it seemed!

Some were interesting people enjoying a meal and the atmosphere.

And others like Native Artist Richard Shorty came to show a bit of their work.

But one of the best things about these festivals are the food. Sunrise-Soya had a booth and I found their menu to be very appealing.
This was delicious! For six dollars I got an order of Tofuyaki, Asian slaw and Matcha Frappe to drink. In addition, because I bought the combo, a free cloth shopping bag was included with my order. Can't beat that - hours later I am still full! And if you are interested in the meal, the recipes are on the website. (there is also a great cookbook)

While I was walking to the park I passed Sunrise Soya foods.

This is a real rags to riches story. In 1956 a Chinese immigrant realized that there was a demand for tofu in Vancouver's chinatown. So he and his wife began making tofu in the back of their grocery store, Sunrise Market which is still there over fifty years later. Sunrise began making it's first packaged tofu to market to other stores in 1985 in a factory space of 5,000 square feet. Now their soy products are manufactured in a factory and warehouse space of about 35,000 square feet and the company employs over 200 people. (Ten years ago Sunrise opened a factory in Toronto to help meet the demand or their product.)

And to think it all started with a man making a product in the back of a little grocery store then carting buckets of tofu to sell. Really shows what a person can do if they put try hard enough.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Powell Street Festival. I know I did. The only negative was that I was supposed to see my friend and dentist there but I couldn't find Ken. Sorry about that.

Until next time I hope you find the beauty around you.

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