Friday, August 27, 2010

The Variety Show

I went grocery shopping today and did take a few photos. But I don't have a theme to today's entry so you get a variety of things.

This building at the corner of Commercial Drive and East 1 is listed as a heritage building. I haven't found anything about it though.  A few doors down there is a vintage clothing store in what looks to be heritage as well.
Thanks where I was able to find a little bit of information on this sign.

Star Weekly was a magazine that was inserted into papers around Canada starting around 1910. There are signs like this around Canada.

I was surprised at the lack of information on this building.

The St. Francis of Assisi Church and rectory are listed on the names of heritage buildings. However there is no plaque and nowhere can I find information on the history. A mystery. A beautiful set of buildings though.

I enjoy looking at these buildings and marvelling at the things they have seen. The events that have played out inside and around the walls. It saddens me when I see buildings that no one seems to care about any more.

This one on East 12 looks like it is there until it falls down or is condemned. And although work is being done on this one on Victoria Drive I wonder if it is just being torn down.

It would be wonderful to see this majestic building rebuilt even if it was divided into multiple units. Logically a home this big for a single family isn't feasible anymore but I feel pain as I watch it being gutted. I believe homes of this age hold many souls inside. Getting rid of them is like banishing a piece of our history.

Okay I admit that the previous paragraph was a bit dramatic. So a switch of focus. While walking one day along Prior Street I looked over and saw a gaggle of visitors.

These Canada Geese look so relaxed and maybe even a little haughty. They are a protected species due to the fact they were almost eliminated at one time so I guess they have a right to be arrogant. These stunning fowls strut and preen for viewers and remind us that very little we can create will equal the beauty of nature.

Another bird, perhaps not as awe inspiring as the Canada Goose, is the crow. I see a lot of those around and this one I was cute.

He's smart. He didn't go scrounging for food, he waited for someone to dump their leftovers in the garbage. He waited patiently until he was rewarded.

I hope you find the beauty around you. Even if it is just an old building and a hopeful crow.

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