Friday, August 6, 2010

Magic Mushrooms and Ice Cream

When I first saw this sign I smiled. My first thought was the infamous magic mushrooms but Money's never produced those. I don't think so anyway.

Actually the mushroom industry in BC is one that in 2002 brought in 74.8 million dollars to the province. That's a lot of being kept in the dark and fed bull#@&*.

I wandered down Prior Street in Strathcona. This is one of the oldest areas in Vancouver and the buildings reflect that.

Some have really been taken care of and show the pride and craftmanship they were built with:

Others, not so much.

I look at these homes and wish that there was way I could see the ghosts that live there. These houses have lived through so many events. They have sheltered people from all sorts of weather conditions; welcomed home the hard working and housed the ne'er do well. The home has seen births, deaths, marriages, tragedy and triumph. It has cried with its owners' pain and rejoiced with their successes.

So many of these homes, like the one below that is across the street from me, have been divided into many residential units. That way it is possible to keep the house going so that it can house many more families.

Prior Street turned into Venables and I kept walking. On the corner of Venables and Glen is a very busy place this time of year.

La Casa Gelato by the International Ice Cream Factory, is a big pink building that you can't miss. 218 flavors of gelato, sorbetto and yogurt including such rarities as curry, garlic, red bean and of course lemon, vanilla and chocolate. Perhaps the variety is what has kept the place in business for close to twenty years. No matter what the reason I saw lots of people going in and out today.

If you need parking you can't miss it.

The mural on the lot surrounded by a pink fence sort of lets people know which business the space belongs to. But if you are a person who would like to eat your iced treat slowly and savor the taste then you might enjoy the ambiance of the area right beside the parking lot.

Such a peaceful, relaxing spot not far from a busy thoroughfare. I was good though and resisted tempation. But I am making a mental note to remember one of their gelato cakes the next time I want something really special.

It was a good day. Nice breeze so that the heat didn't derail me like yesterday. Remember the piece I wrote on the murals around the city? Here's another one on Hastings Street.

I stood and looked at this one for a few moments. It warms me to know that I can find art and such like this around even in areas that aren't the best. It shows that someone still cares.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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