Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Saint and Strippers

Not far from the churches that I wrote on yesterday is the St.Paul's Hospital. In 1894 a twenty-five bed compassionate care hospital was founded by the religious order called the Sisters of Providence.

Right from the start St. Paul's has been interested in keeping up with the latest in medical research. Around 1906 it became one of the first to have its own x-ray machine. Then the machine used glass plate negatives and the exposures took 15 to 45 seconds. During that time patients could be burned and operators electrocuted. A procedure that we now take basically for granted was certainly a dangerous proposition then.

In 1919 the hospital established formal requirements for the operation of the laboratory and x-ray and for keeping written records of the patients' medical history - something that hadn't really been done before. The hospital kept growing and in 1969 a lay adminstrator was hired to run the hospital while the Sisters continued their involvement.

The hospital's North wing was completed in 1931, the South wing during World War II and the two ten story towers in 1983 and 1991. St. Paul's has grown from that small hospital into a high tech care unit that attracts some of the best in their fields.

A feature I really like and think is needed is Angel's Cradle.
If a mother has an infant that she cannot care for she can leave it here. The child will get the medical care it needs and will more than likely be placed with provincial child care services. The child will be safe. It is a lot better than a desperate mother leaving her infant somewhere that he or she could be harmed. This way the mother can show her love for her baby by ensuring that someone will take care of it.

From hospitals to churches. The hospital was founded by a Catholic women's religious order whereas the St. Paul's Church is of the Anglican denomination. Anglican Episcopal to be exact.

This wooden Gothic Revival building was fashioned after a typical parish church in England and built in 1905. The architect, W. H. Archer, used local materials such as sandstone foundations and the shingles on the shingle walls. The stained glass windows were designed by Henry Bloomfield and Son who happened to be Vancouver's pre-eminent stained glass studio when this church was built.

Here's an interesting fact that I discovered only a few moments ago. St. Paul's Anglican Church has an indoor labyrinth. This spiritual form is a replica of the one laid in stone at the Chartres Cathedral in France. This one is made of canvas with velcro and can be rented.

I didn't get any really good photos of the stained glass since I was on the outside.
The title does say strippers and I wouldn't let you down.

The Penthouse Night Club founded in 1947 by four brothers - Joe, Ross, Mickey and Jimmy Filippone - and right from the start the club's colorful history began. Joe, the eldest brother, held private parties in an upstairs apartment which also had the police as regular visitors.

A supper club back then this was the place to be. Stars such as Max Baer, Gary Cooper, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra were entertained by such acts as Sammy David Jr., Harry Belafonte and Nat King Cole. No wonder the Penthouse is in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

I did say a colorful history though didn't I? Well over the years the night club has been in operation it not has had Joe's wild parties but has also been accused of being a hangout for the local Mafia. And a group of pimps apparently threatened to bomb the establishment unless they were allowed to move in.

Good or bad The Penthouse Night Club is a Vancouver icon. If you remember the show Intelligence with Ian Tracey you may recognize the front. It was used as the Chickadee - the strip club that Reardon and his partner owned.

This house next door the Penthouse Night Club was also used in the show Intelligence. I enjoy watching television shows that I know are filmed here except for the fact that I spend a lot of time trying to recognize landmarks.
Today you have been healed, saved and had some fun. Whatever will happen tomorrow?

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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