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I was strolling down to Chinatown today. The sun was out, there was a cool breeze and everything still seems fresh from yesterday's downpour. I realize that I go to the Strathcona area a lot to take photos but there is a reason for that. Not only is it close to me but there is so much history to write on.

At the corner of Gore and East Pender I noticed this building shining in the sun.

It is gorgeous. Then I remembered that a few weeks ago there had been an artist working on a mural at the parking lot. The parking lot that was right behind me so I turned around to see how the artwork was coming along and I was blown away. As I think you may be too.

Just look at the talent that has gone into creating this. It takes up the entire outside wall of a building. And the artists even left a message for those who gaze upon their work.

This will be a wall I will stop to admire whenever I am in the area. If you happen to be nearby take the time to see it. You won't regret it.

There was a reason though that I was going to Chinatown today. My father told me to check out a restaurant that his friend Esther had told him about.

This is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Vancouver and dates back to the late 1940s. It is also the last of the 'village-style' Cantonese restaurants. Foo's Ho Ho still follows a peasant style method of cooking that was brought over with certain Chinese immigrants during the California Gold Rush.

The interesting thing about writing this blog is not only searching out a certain landmark such as the restaurant but also finding other little tidbits. Like the fact that Foo's Ho Ho is located on the ground floor of the New Sun Ah Hotel. This hotel was built in 1910 with additions being added in 1911. The top three floors had rooms that were homes for the Chinese labourers. 

Once I got a few pictures around here I did start to wander again. It was such a beautiful day and my landlord is renovating the suite above me which means I didn't really want to go home and deal with the noise. So I decided to give my soul a bit more nourishment.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was a Chinese revolutionary who is referred to as the founding father of  Republican China and was instrumental in inspiring the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. He is also considered to be one of China's greatest political leaders.

The design of this garden is based on that balance and harmony of the four elements - rock, water, plants and architecture. Styled after a classic Chinese gardent, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park is an experience in the eternal yin and yang.

Sometimes nature can have such a calming effect. When combined with the beauty of what humans can create I can see where how it is a balance. It is so beautiful to look at and I can think of at least two television series that had scenes in this garden - Poltergeist, The Legacy and Highlander, The Series - both favorites of mine.

I even managed to catch one park resident getting ready for his (or her) close up.

Notice the iconic 'W' in the background that used to be on the roof of the Woodwards department store. The building behind that contains the new condos that have gone up on the ground where Woodwards used to be.

And some inhabitants seemed to be a little camera shy.

While others just carried on with the day.

There wasn't any admission to the park that I went to though there is to go through the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Someday I will have the honor of going through there too.

Before I left I had to be certain to take a picture of this sign in the distance.
A comforting thought. When I started to do a little research on it I found out more information. Too much for just a little entry. More on this another day.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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