Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catch up and Fill ins

In past posts I have missed a few photos and information. Today I will try to fill some of those in.

This is part of the roundhouse that was built in 1888 to service steam locomotives. Engine 374, the first train to cross Canada to Vancouver in 1887, is located within the Roundhouse complex. I didn't get in to see that, I didn't realize it was there, but what I did see was interesting.

This is important. Because without the arrival of the railroad Vancouver would not have been incorporated. Or at least not when it was. So the residents owe a debt of gratitude to those metal machines that roll through our city. When I did my piece on Yaletown I missed this so I went back.

Remember when I showed you this?

This sign is at the top of the art gallery owned by real estate guru Bob Rennie. Rennie apparently started collecting art at a young age. The building is at 51 East Pender and was built in 1889 by Yip Sang, a Chinatown legend. Sang made his fortune hiring Chinese labourors to build the railway.

The front part of this building was used for Sang's business, Wing Sang an import-export company.Originally it was only two stories but a third was added in 1901. Eleven years after that Sang added a six storey building at the back so he could house his family - four wives and twenty-three children.

From what I have read Rennie did a lot of work on this property. It had been empty since the 1970s and was in need of some tender loving care. Many people would have just torn the building down and built new but Rennie, thankfully, preserved this piece of Vancouver heritage.

Oh and the sign I showed you at the beginning? It was designed by Martin Creed from Britain. Some may think that displaying the slogan in an area of town that is so inflicted with those who are less fortunate may seem inappropriate but I don't think so. I feel if someone can look at those words and believe them then can start on the road to recovery.

The other day when I was out walking I noticed this. It is a manhole cover and I had to take a photo of it. In Vancouver even our manhole covers are stylish!

When I wrote on the end of summer I meant to feature this photo of a beautful sunflower. But I forgot then so here it is now.

And here is something you don't see that often. Clothes hanging on the line. In this age of electric dryers we seem to have lost that. Yet there is something special about clothes that have been hung on the line and smell like fresh air.

Until next time, probably tomorrow, I hope you find the beauty around  you.

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