Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here's the Sun and other oddities

Okay so the sun hasn't been that much of an oddity around Vancouver lately and I am referring to the newspaper, the Vancouver Sun. (Not that it is odd) The newspaper got its start in February of 1912. Then it was located at 125 West Pender Street, around the corner from the competition, the Province. In 1924 the Sun purchased the Vancouver World newspaper which was going through difficult financial times.

The paper was still located at 125 West Pender until a fire broke out in the editorial and business offices in 1937. Then they packed up and moved across the street to the building where the World had been published. The building was renamed the Sun Tower.
This building stands majestically at 100 West Pender. It is 17 stories high (82 metres, 270 feet). It was completed in 1912 and was designed by the architect W. T. (William Tuff) Whiteway who also designed the original Woodwards building. In 1918 Henry Gardiner, 'the human fly' scaled the outside of the building.

Can you make out the nine maidens and nine muses supporting the cornice line? One of the unique features of this building. As is the green dome that was painted green to simulate weathered copper cladding.

The terra cotta that was used in this building was made in Staffordshire England. Something about it makes me feel like a newspaper should be in that building but alas the Vancouver Sun does not publish out of the Sun Tower any longer.

In 1958 old rivals the Sun and the Province joined forces. In 1965 they moved to the Pacific Press Building. The offices since 1997 have been at 200 Granville Street.

Even if you have never been to Vancouver this building may look familiar. Parts of it were used in the television series The Crow, Stairway to Heaven as well as serving as the Watchtower in Smallville.
Here are a couple of other buildings nearby. The lower one I managed to find a photo of it from 1913  but I don't know much else.

Since I started this blog I have noticed that I see more than before. Or perhaps I just register it. Like this sign outside an apartment building on Broadway. (A special message for one of my readers who I know reads my blog every morning.)

And one that was at the entrance to a bank's parking lot.
The things that I see when I actually take a moment.

So I hope that you find the beauty around you. Even if it is something odd that makes you smile.

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