Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Dynasty Builds

I want to add a bit of information on Monday's entry. Nesters Market, Keller Foods and US Foam Packaging business of Lin Pac Inc. joined The Jim Pattison group in 2003.

In 2004, the Jim Pattison Group expanded its portfolio by adding companies Classic Attractions in Texas, St. Augustine Sightseeing Trains in Florida, the auto lease businesses of Cross-Canada Car Leasing Limited in Toronto, ON and periodical distribution companies in California.

Icicle Seafoods (B.C.) Inc., Freeway Dodge Chrysler, Spartech Corporation's corrugated plastic sheet business became part of the group in 2005. In addition, ProLogix Distribution Services and News Group Distribution services in the U.S. were formed that year.

In 2006, the group ventured into Texas again and acquired Carthage Cup, Carthage, TX. Creative Outdoor Ads from Halifax, NS joined Island Radio Ltd's six FM stations on Vancouver Island, OK Radio Group Ltd's two FM stations in Victoria, A and W Fixtures in Cocoa, FL and Great Pacific Bank Limited, Warrens, Barbados in coming into the Jim Pattison fold.
The group continued to acquire companies in 2007. Not only did they obtain advertising companies in AB and BC, Downtown Toyota, West Lease and Hino Trucks, the company formed a strategic alliance between Canadian Fishing Company and Ocean Fisheries Ltd in Vancouver.

2008 saw Guinness World Records from London, England join The Jim Pattison Group. That year, the ever-growing dynasty brought in out-of-home advertising companies in Barrie, North Bay and Thunder Bay, ON and Penticton, BC. That's not all that happened in 2008. They acquired the collapsible aluminium tube business of IntraPac, Inc, Harrisburg, VA and the radio station CKIZ-FM in Vernon, BC that year.

Now we are at 2009 and The Jim Pattison Group shows no sign of slowing down. Following the demise of Anderson News, The News Group expanded into WV, KY, AL, NE, CO and AZ. This was the year that the Islander New joint venture was formed in Hawaii.

2010 was a busy year. Ripley acquired attractions in Orlando, FL, Branson, MO and Copenhagen. The group also acquired the remaining 60% of Media Logix, a Canadian speciality periodical distributor. Guinness World Records acquired,assets of Baywatch Seafoods in Naknek, AK were acquired and leased. More out-of-home assets were obtained in Canada.

The assets of Dover Cup in Brampton, ON came into The Jim Pattison Group and Sunrype grabbed the assets of Yakama Juice, Yakima WA. A small wares distributor in Amherst, NS - Stenek Corporation - joined The Jim Pattison Group. The group also acquired the assets of Leader Creek Fisheries in Bristol Bay, AK and those of Spanish Periodicals in Miami, FL.

There is still four more years to cover and at a glance, it looks like the number of acquisitions are increasing. However, I think this is enough for one entry.

I admire Jim Pattison, not because he has a lot of money, but because he started from basically nothing and is still building a dynasty. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three children.

Pattison also gives back to the community in so many ways. Not only with charities but also with employing people. Give a person a good job and they can do wonders for themselves and their communities. He is someone to be admired and emulated.

Who knows? Maybe someday someone will write on me and my empire. Gotta build it first though.

Thanks to The Jim Pattison Group for the above information on the formation of the company.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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