Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Do you realize what today is? It is the one year anniversary of this blog! WOW! I've covered a lot of territory in the last twelve months and the Vancouver Vagabond blog has been adjusting.

Saturday I went to the ShareFair at John Hendry Park at Trout Lake. This was a fair to promote co-operative organizations and other things as well.

One of the ideas I was getting from the fair was how much can be accomplished if people combine their talents.

On one stage there were rotating speakers offering advice on everything from gardening to the law. There was also a booth set up.

I didn't take advantage of the experts though with my gardening skills it might have been a good idea!

Fair trade was also being promoted. Fair compensation for services is something that should be a concern.

In my mind if we are going to be living a co-operative life where others may be dependent on us for survival then we should take good care of ourselves with healthy eating.

These nice gentlemen actually gave me a banana! It was quite good.

If you would rather do your shopping online there is the On-Line Farmers Market from NOWBC Co-op. Visit the website to learn more.

I had a nice talk with this fellow as well and learned a bit about the raw food society. I have to make sure to visit their website.

This booth not only promotes a vegan lifestyle but also the Animal Voices Vancouver radio show at 102.7 FM at Fridays at noon.

The Wilderness Committee was also at a table with others. Sven Biggs, the Public Outreach Director, was more than willing to speak with me and gave his card.

We Can is an organization that has a goal of ending violence against women. The young lady that was promoting the cause was a pleasure to talk with. She and I had a discussion that was lively and entertaining. Most importantly we agreed that violence against everyone has to end and people have to take responsibility for their own actions.

There was also entertainment.

This was a large, inflatable whale. When I took the photo children were inside being told stories.
Music everywhere! A band and promotion for the upcoming Folk Festival.
I have walked by this store on the Drive many times. I think I have even been in it a few times. I was speaking with the woman behind the table - she gave me a coupon for 10% off until the end of the month - and we also talked about my books. Perhaps I will get the People's Co-op Bookstore to carry my two books on consignment. I shall have to talk with them.

I love that hat!

Thank you to all those who visit this blog and please continue to come back and read about my city while looking at the photos.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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