Friday, July 22, 2011


Can you guess what the MM stands for? Yup. This is the last of the photos related to the mural - Mural Memories. I hope you enjoy it.

Carnegie Centre. It has had some work done on it this year and is looking pretty good for being 109 years old. American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated money for Vancouver to build a library with certain conditions applied. It was also the last building of any civic importance - besides law enforcement buildings - to be built in the downtown eastside.

This was the first fire hall and the last  fire hall to have horse drawn wagons. It was built in 1905.

The York Rooms at 259 Powell Street is on the mural. All it says though is that this building, and the one next to it which I am going to show you, were built around 1908.

When this building was built in 1912 it was called the Toronto Apartments. Now, as you can see, it is called The Astoria Hotel and has one of the city's oldest boxing rings in the basement. I've mentioned this before and I intend on getting down there to take photos.

Remember when I wrote on the Ferrera Court? Built in 1912 by Agostino Gabrele Ferrara who was a well known restuaranteur. Jack Benny's wife once lived in this building.

The Hotel Patricia was built between 1912-1914 as a medical center. Later it became a hotel and welcomed such legendary musicians as Duke Ellington and Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton.

 300 Alexander was originally the Victoria & Vancouver Stevedoring Co. This building sits on one of the first addresses in Vancouver to receive water service in 1888.

Wow! I got a lot of entries out of that wall painting and I didn't get to everything. Some buildings are no longer there and some I couldn't get to.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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