Friday, July 15, 2011

Murals and Victoria

I have a few more photos to show you from Victoria in yesteryear. This is Admirals Road circa 1928. I bet it looks a lot different today.

Here is another one. Malahat Drive. I don't have a year for this one.

This is the train at Mattick's Farm. The farm is still in operation today, on Cordova Bay Road. It is a shopping destination with mini golf, tea garden and a market, among other things.

This is the Princess Mary Restaurant.

This establishment opened on May 5, 1904 and at that time it was the Sailors and Soldiers Home, serving as a home for servicemen on leave; a location for the first Esquimalt's Council meetings and the local Methodist's congregation. The Royal Naval Institute sold its share in 1935 and the Tudor House Neighbourhood Pub was born. The building is approximately 5000 square feet and seats 175 patrons. It is built in a large 'L' shape.

Now I want to go back to the mural on Campbell and Hastings. Remember it?

I never finished everything on there.

407 and 417 Heatley received water service in 1893.

These homes were built before the street levelling, as was 1898 Heatley on the corner where there were rooms on the Hastings Street side that were buried.

In 1886 Heatley Avenue was the eastern city limit as the city became incorporated. It was named after Edward Davis Heatley who, with George Campbell, owned Hastings Sawmill.

Cordova Street was originally named Oppeinheimer Street - after our second mayor.

Before this area was settled Campbell Avenue at high tide was a passage for First Nation's canoes through to the Burrard Inlet. The road led to the fish docks on the waterfront until they were closed in the 1980s. The avenue was named after George Campbell from the Hastings Sawmill.

This is the St. Elmo Hotel. It was built in 1912 and originally owned and run by Ethel Jackson.

The hotel is constructed of brick and covered by stucco and siding.

Business that have operated from the ground floor of this building in its nearly one hundred year history include the Royal Bank, BC Engineers, a restaurant and a grocery.

I still have more to show you from that mural but I am running out of room again. I hope you find the beauty around you.

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