Monday, June 20, 2011

Mural Memories I

At the corner of Campbell and Hastings Streets there is a building with this mural. The mural outlines some of the history of the area. So what I did was photograph the mural in sections and then copied down the addresses and walked around getting photos of the places - those that I could since some of the places don't seem to be standing any longer.

The Drake Hotel and Show Lounge is at the corner of Princess and Powell Streets was built in 1913.

The Drake is now being used for low income housing.

Remember the Hotel Europe? Well Angelo Calori built this following house located at 657 East Cordova Street in 1907.

Then there is Oppenheimer Park which was opened in 1902 as Powell Street Grounds by Vancouver's second mayor - David Oppenheimer. (It was later renamed in the mayor's honour) Oppenheimer was a shareholder in the Vancouver Improvement Co. which owned most of what is now the Downtown Eastside. For many years he was a powerful advocate for the area.

This was also Vancouver's first ball park. The Asahi Tigers baseball team used this park prior to World War II. The park was also the site of a very bloody demonstration of striking workers during the events of Bloody Sunday in 1938.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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