Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jackson Avenue Houses

These are known as the Jackson Avenue Houses located at 230-248 Jackson Avenue between East Cordova and Powell streets. These four Edwardian-era homes were constructed in 1905.

These houses are almost identical - except for the green one which is situated on a raised basement that once accommodated a commercial space  - and retain their original cladding and windows. They are distinguishable by the prominent front gables and large verandas. I find them a special treat since they are located in a not so great part of town and across the street from Oppenheimer Park where a lot of homeless gather.

These houses are valued not only because they are over 100 years old but also because of their continuous use as rental properties. They were built as an investment and to supply housing for the lower to middle income residents of Strathcona.

William McRae and David MacDonald were business partners and were looking to diversify their partnership and earnings so these homes were built for their wives, Alexandra MacDonald and Amy McRae.

The Edwardian influence can be seen with features such as the front-gabled roofs with hipped roof returns, hipped-roof dormers, and closed eaves with wooden tongue-and-groove soffits; the wood-frame construction with wooden, double-bevelled lapped wooden siding, cornerboards, frieze boards and window casings; the open, full-width, front verandas with hipped roofs and square columns; the paneled front doors with single-pane glazing and classical detailing; the internal red-brick chimneys; and the typical fenestration pattern that includes double-hung 1-over-1 wooden-sash windows in single and double assemblies; bay windows on the front elevation; and front entrance sidelights with diamond panes.
I hope you find the beauty around you.
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