Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Car Free Days II

Here's some more information on the Car Free Day on June 19 on the Drive. First I am going to show you  photos of the main reason I don't bring money with me to these events.

Doesn't the sight of that luscious fruit just make your mouth water? It sure did mine as I was walking by.

The Portuguese Club pulled out their old style barbecues and were serving smoked fish.
An Indian restaurant on the Drive had tempting looking cuisine as well.

And there were some healthy snacks as well for those who like something salty.
And there was good old gelato too of course.

Rooted, a cafe on the Drive that is part of Commerical Drive's Only All Organic Grocer - Eternal Abundance - had samples of their vegan, organice cookies.

Just down the block, Drive Organics, also had samples outside. So a person doesn't need money to munch out at these things.

I also find some of the people that attend events such as this to be interesting.

And one thing I have discovered over the years is that the more unique a person looks, the friendlier they are.

I also had the opportunity to meet fellow writer Jak King. Mr. King has published a book entitled The Drive which tells some of the history of Commercial Drive.
I intend on ordering it in the next month and I hope that you might take a look at it as well. If you are interested but can't purchase it right now, then check the library.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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