Monday, June 27, 2011

Car Free Day

Although I do have more photos inspired by the mural I wanted to take a moment to tell you about an event that happened on Father's Day. Car Free Days from Car free Vancouver are a way to have a street festival without the hassle of cars driving through. And a lot of activities go on during this period.
This is for people that get tired during the day. LOL Actually it was an event for kids. Later on during the day I saw kids playing croquet with feathered croquet mallets on the grassing area in the front and people were dressed as storybook characters.

'What a beautiful plant' I thought when I saw this from across the street. I know it wasn't there a couple of days before. Then I walked across the street and got a closer look.
When I walked by the second time I saw children painting the flowers. What an original idea!

There were a few things for children on the Drive that day. Like balloon hats.

And other hats as well.

And this next display seemed to be a kid favorite as well.

One child I saw really liked this display before it was all put  together. He was busy pulling on the sticks that form the base.

This next fellow was an amusement for young and old alike.

And what festival would be complete without a parade?

And music filled the air -  both live and from sound systems.

So that was a look at the events on Sunday. Next time I will feature more images from that day.

Until then I hope you find the beauty around you.
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