Monday, April 11, 2011

Water, Activists and Edwardian Era

I'm back! I walked around Vancouver last week and took photos of anything I thought was interesting.  In a way losing all the photos  I had taken was good because it opened my eyes and I found that I was more observant of my surroundings.

Today I am showing you a row of houses on Pacific Street, not far from the beach. These homes were built in Vancouver's second decade of development.

This was the first home built. Built for mill hand  Herbert Street, the Street house was constructed in 1901.

This home was built in 1904 by C.W. Chandler. C.R. Lonegran, who was a builder of a dozen homes in Vancouver, built 1043, the final house in this row, in 1905.

Sam Cornwall built this one in 1905. The other four homes were built by Edward Hunt between 1903 and 1905.

In 1983 through 1985 these Edwardian homes were saved from demolition with the completion of rear infill apartments. Architect Roger Hughes is credited with the regeneration of these fine homes. Under the Vancouver Heritage Foundation's True Colours program, the houses were painted in the original schemes of the period.

From the West End we move to Strathcona for the next home. This is the Chan House on Keefer Street.

The Chan House was built in 1906 and is a fine example of  Edwardian design. It is also typical of the working class homes constructed during that time period. The house has a full width porch with turned columns and a bay window projecting onto the porch.

The home is also recognized because of one of its long term tenants. In 1958 it was owned by Chinatown merchant Walter Chan and his wife Mary. In 1974, Mary was listed as the sole occupant.  Mary was a community activist who fought to preserve the heritage of the area. Under her leadership plans to put a freeway through this vibrant community were stopped as well as the plan for urban renewal that would have seen the historic homes demolished and large apartment blocks put in their place.

The tenant of the home came out while I was taking photos and we had a nice chat. He was telling me that home is going to be renovated and a plaque honouring Mary Chan will be placed on the house.

Another thing I discovered on my walks last week was that I have a fascination with the manmade waterfalls and fountains around the city. So I am going to post photos of those as well.

There is no special meaning to these. I just like them.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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