Friday, April 29, 2011

A True Look at History

Today I have a special treat. I received an email containing photos of Vancouver in the past and I am going to show them to you. (Thanks Auntie Gia!)

 This is the Hotel Vancouver in 1925.
This is the entrance to Stanley Park. The Lion's Gate Bridge hadn't been built yet so there is no causeway needed. If you look can see the Burrard Yacht Club building in the corner. As you may remember from a previous entry that building is still there.
Another view of what the area looked like before the Lion's Gate Bridge was built. This is Prospect Point.

This is where the Cleveland Dam is today.

Looking at English Bay and Beach Avenue on a pier that is no longer there. Building is though so I will have to do some walking and research.

I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into Vancouver in the past. Instead of having to imagine what it looked like, you can see it.

After all that black and white, I need some colour. Last week I wandered around and got some great nature photos.

It may still be a bit cool in Vancouver but once I see the daffodils and tulips I know it is spring.

This house is at 1504 Gravely Street, not far from Commercial Drive so right in my neighbourhood.

This two storey, over basement, wood framed house was built in the Craftsman architectural style in 1912. The form and detailing are simple, elegant and the rectangular floor plan has an emphasis on the functional use of space.

It was fashionable when this home was built for family members to sleep outside for the natural light and fresh air that was thought to be so important to a person's health. Glass doors lead the way to this sleeping porch.

The original floor plan of this home featured front and back parlours, a kitchen, dining room and scullery. A large brick fireplace rests in the heart of the home, the living room.

Other notable features of this structure are the steeply pitched roof, the saddle-bag dormers, deep overhangs, scroll cut knee brackets, cedar shingle exterior cladding and the front porch supported by capped pillars. Other aspects to take note of are the various forms of fenestration, including square bay windows with stained glass and stained glass window on the staircase landing.

And I wasn't going to let you go without showing some waterfalls. I have my usual computer back and whatever the techs did to it, they didn't disturb my photos at all.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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