Friday, April 15, 2011

Heritage Apartments

Here's a different shot of the Hotel Vancouver. I liked the effect I achieved.

At 1235 Nelson is an apartment building built in the Moderne design in 1930-1931.

Architect Ross A. Lort designed this apartment building for Hugh A. Warner. There are decorative cast panels above and below the windows and an elaborate floral motif frieze above the main entry.

Many of these low rise apartment buildings were built after 1910 and replaced many of the large homes that had been here before.

In 1993 the aluminum windows were replaced by replicas with wooden sash and leaded glass detailing that resemble the originals.

On Jervis Street, still in the West End, there is Blenheim Court.
Originally this building was called the John A. Seabold Apartment Building and is rumoured to have been a long term stay for the Hotel Vancouver.

It was built in 1910 and designed by Arthur J. Bird. I have written on Bird before, he was the City of Vancouver's chief architect and inspector for many  years as well as being a famous architect in his own right. Bird introduced masonry construction to Western Canada with this building.

In 2008 Gordon Nelson Inc. purchased the building which was in dire need of repair. They restored the building inside and out with spectacular heritage features. If you would like to read about the work Gordon Nelson Inc did then please click this link 1209 Jervis.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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