Monday, November 29, 2010

Eastside Culture Crawl

On Friday November 26, Saturday November 27 and Sunday November 28 over three hundred artists, photographers and such creative people opened their studios for the public to have a look. I only went out on the Sunday and I learned that the next time I will plan to do at least two days. But here are a few of the artists I was lucky enough to be exposed to. Each name is linked to the artist's website.

The first is Lori Sokoluk.

Sokoluk paints, draws and works in multimedia.

As you can see her work is unique, interesting and appealing.

Gideon Hay is a sculptor who has taken a childhood fascination with monsters and movies and turned it into a career.

Hay not only does traditional sculpting but also cartoon sculptures, mold making, prop and object sculpture and teaches his craft to others.

Most of the artists had food etc laid out for the guests touring their studios. Photographer Gabriel Morosan was creative, not only with his photography but also with his choice of refreshments.

And he supplied visitors with entertainment.

It was a party in there with Morosan the gracious host.

The Eastside Culture Crawl officially started in 1997 though in 1994 an open house held by Paneficio Studios with four artists. Then in 1995 1000 Parker Street had an open studio event with 25 artists and 300 people attending. Paneficio Studios had an open studio event/fundraiser with six artists particpating. 1996 saw 1000 Parker Street, Apriori Studios and the Glass Onion having an Open Studio Event. This time there were 50 artists and more than a 1000 audience members. Paneficio Studios had an open studio event/fundraiser and as in 1995 it was to raise money for the victims of a neighbourhood fire. Since then the event has just kept growing.

This interesting piece was created by Robert Turriff. (The legs in the background are not part of the art. Those belong to another art lover)

Here's the artist flanked by two friends.

Stefanie Dueck is responsible for these intriquing metal pieces. Dueck has not only studied working with metal here in B.C. but also worked as a blacksmith in southern Spain. She works in steel, bronze, stainless steel and copper. She has the skill to unite classic craftmanship with a modern twist.

The Purple Pirate is an artist that makes some fascinating pieces.

You may be asking what is so remarkable about this but what if I told you it was made from balloons? Would that intrique you? It did me.

Dustin Anderson, the pirate, is a children's performer.

That's all for now. I will let you know more on Wednesday.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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  1. Ooooh...I was hoping to see Jorg on the post on the Crawl. Too bad!

  2. If you mean Jorg Langheimer check back on Wednesday. Too much information, too many photos so I have to divide it into two days.