Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Hundred!

Can you believe it? This is my one hundredth entry on this blog. And I gotta tell you it has been fun so far.

(I started this on Monday night, However when I proceeded to upload photos I was informed I had run out of room and had to buy more. That took a few days.)

Before I get into writing on the blog entry I want to tell you about a contest I was asked to post information on here. is an iPhone software developer that is focusing on self guided city walking tour apps. They running a contest to promote the products and here's what you do:

Answer the following questions in an email to Ready? Here are the questions.

1. Vancouver has earned along its many nicknames, the name of :
C.New Beijing

2. One of these opinions is definitely false. But the question is, which one?
A. Vancouver is probably the only place in the world where it is possible to ski, play golf and go sailing, all in the same day
B. Canada owns the North Pole
C. Canada is the world's second largest country by total area

3. Canada is believed to be the home of:
A. The Tooth-Fairy
B. Cinderella
C. Santa Claus

4. These tourists will have a hard time in Vancouver. Simply because there are bans in most places, which prohibit:
A. Dinning with your pet
B. Smoking cigars
C. Flirting with waitresses

5. Vancouverites (people who live in Vancouver) "eat out" more than any other North American city. Related or not, that makes them notorious for:
A.tipping well
B.consuming most wine glasses over a meal
C.skipping lunch

6. In the 1960's in Vancouver was founded one of the world's biggest and most active organizations:
A.Earth Liberation Front

7. Vancouver is one of the few North American cities with no:
A.old people
B.street gangs
C.downtown freeways

8. A certain iconic American musician would spend summers in Vancouver, where his granny lived. Can you guess who?
A. Jimi Hendrix
B. Bob Dylan
c. Elvis Presley

9. Injecting more than $1 billion dollars into the local economy, Vancouver has the largest (in all Canada):
A. Film Industry
B. Airport
C. Fishing Industry

10. Which one of the following fine things listed below, simply cannnot be purchased from a grocery store in Canada:
A. Alcohol
B. Condoms
C. Medicine

Good luck to all those who enter.
This sign is outside the library downtown and I thought it fit in with my theme. Though I hope that most of my words do fit in with the photos I have.

The one advantage I've found with writing this blog is how much more I notice. Like walking downtown last week and I was intrigued by this building.

Okay not so much the building as the reflection of the Hotel Vancouver that is so brilliantly showcased.

Or here.

Another day I was walking along East Broadway when I walked by Vancouver Technical School, also referred to as Van Tech.

When a person first looks at this school they may see a block, a square structure. There may be nothing appealing to the casual viewer at all. But take a closer look.

A bit more personality wouldn't you say? But take the time to look a little closer.

This school originally opened in 1916 in the Fairview neighbourhood. Later it was moved to downtown. In 1928 it was moved to its present location.

Until 1940 this was an all boys school but in that year girls were admitted and the school continued to grow.

According to a 2003 article in the Globe and Mail this is "one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Canada” according to columnist Stephen Hume.

While that is all good I just enjoy finding a 'block' and discovering it is much more.

And would I have noticed if I had not have started  this blog? Probably not.

Now just for trivia purposes there are some things about this school you might want to know.

It has been featured in television shows such as 21 Jump Street, Smallville and Supernatural. It has been shown in movies like Scary Movie, She's the Man, Paycheck and Spectacular. Such notable alumni such as the rock band Trooper and former Vancouver city mayor Sam Sullivan as well as Olympic athlete Greg Joy have emerged from these hallowed halls. And two characters from the televison show Intelligence were also from this school.

If I were not blogging on the beauty of this city would I have noticed this sunflower?

Or the way the cranes form the Port Vancouver stand against the backdrop of the mountins and North Vancouver?  Maybe I would have and maybe not. I probably wouldn't have taken a photo though.

It has been a interesting few months and I hope it will continue. Thank you for reading and commenting and I hope you continue.

I hope you find the beauty around you. It is there, believe me.

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