Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hall of Famers

I am going to take you back to 9/27/2010 when I wrote a bit about the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame and the plaques on the sidewalk. Today I want to a look at a couple and tell you a bit about some of the people.

This Vancouver born man is a larger than life personality. Thanks to Bruce Allen's radio talk show Bruce Break on JACK FM and his controversial yet popular daily commentary Reality Check on CKNW Allen has let his views be known. And sometimes they may seem a bit harsh but love him or hate him you cannot deny what Allen has done for the music scene.

Allen has brought to the forefront such musical artists as BTO, Loverboy, Martina McBride and Michael Buble as well as working with such legends as Jann Arden and Anne Murray. Bob Rock, the renowned record producer, is also a client of Allen's. But when I hear the name Bruce Allen I think of my favourite, Bryan Adams. Allen has managed to help these talented artists become the greats they deserve to be.

But Allen isn't all about music or radio. He is also noted for his tireless work for charity. Just reading what he has done makes me tired.

Since we are on the topic let's take a look at Bryan Adams. You may recall that on October 22, 2010 I wrote about Adam's recording studio - The Warehouse Studio. This singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and photographer was born in Kingston Ontario on November 5, 1959. His father was a diplomat and young Adams travelled the world.

In 1973 Adams and his family returned to Canada and settled in Vancouver. Bryan began to pursue his love of music, singing for bands like Sweeney Todd. In fact  at fifteen Adams sang on the album If Wishes were Horses. (Thanks to my older brother who had the album it is now in my collection.)

Reports state that Adams has record sales from 65 to 100 million and numerous awards - much too many to state here. He is also a man who believes in helping others and seems to do so on a regular basis.

TDM was born in New Westminster and started his career as an RCMP officer. From 1960 and 1964 he served in Olds and Red Deer Alberta. Mulligan left the mounties and worked as a radio DJ before going to CBC and becoming the host for Good Rockin' Tonite which was a show that showcased music videos.
Terry David Mulligan also acts and it warms me whenever I see his face appear in one of my favourite shows. According to the Internet Movie Database he has appeared in 73 different titles the most recent being Hellcats.

Another great in Canada's entertainment field Sam Feldman is CEO of Canada's largest full service talent agency. S.L. Feldman & Associates has a roster that would leave a lot people permanently star struck.They represent over 250 performers.

For over thirty years Feldman has worked hard to nurture and promote talent whether it be actors or musicians. He started right out of high school promoting dances and concerts on the lower mainland. He wanted to learn more though and became doorman, and later talent booker, for a  music venue called The Daisy. In 1971 Feldman joined forces with Bruce Allen and formed A&F Music. The two managed such artists as Doug and the Slugs, Headpins and Trooper.

From those humble beginnings grew S.L. Feldman & Associates which has five divisions - S.L. Feldman & Associates, Macklam/Feldman Management, Music Supervision Services, Little Big Man Booking and Characters Talent Agency. SFLA has offices in Vancouver, Toronto and New York and over sixty employees.

These men are true success stories and represent what can be done if you have the courage to follow your passion, be yourself and work at it. Truly an inspiration to all of us.

At the stage door for the Orpheum Theatre are more plaques.

A fitting way to let passer bys know of those who have passed this way before.

This building on Granville Street is the Power Block. The art deco style exterior with terra cotta featuring Egyptian overtones was designed by architects  Townley and Matheson in 1929. But the interior was designed in 1888 by N.S. Hoffar and dates from a saloon built for Captain William Power. Power was known as the 'mayor' of North Vancouver's Moodyville.

Dominic Burns of the Burns meat-packing family expanded and renovated the Power Block in 1911, the same year that Burns had the Vancouver Block building built.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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