Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Crawling

Like I said I only spent a day - five hours - at the Eastside Culture Crawl and I didn't get to everyone. But I have a few more artists to show you today.

This is  painter Jorg Langheimer whose studio is in the Hamilton Bank Building.

In 2008 Canada's art world was fortunate enough to have Langheimer move from Germany. At the present time he is working with watercolors, oils and acrylic. Personally I like the lower painting. I like the vibrant pink and the way it makes me think.

Welcome to the Rusty Wheel Studio. Shown here are creators Kate Beckett(seated) and Myriam Duchesne(standing).

Art that is not only beautiful but functional as well. If you click the link at the studio name it will take you to even more examples of their creations.

This was standing there, not a part of the art but something I wanted a photo of.

I like the old stuff.

Dave Denson uses watercolors to create images of  everyday life here in Vancouver. His work is dynamic and captivating blending bold colors with pastels.

Another artist who uses bold colors is John Ferrie.
Ferrie is also another artist who uses Vancouver adn the west coast in his artwork. Born in Vancouver he graduated from  Emily Carr College of Art and Design his medium is acrylic paint on canvas.

As you can see Ferrie uses rich jewel tones and creates entertaining art that will become a conversational piece in any room.

Now we come to the works of Darcy Davis.

We have looked at sculpting, oil paintings, ceramic and such, metal work, watercolors and so one. So now we will look at something totally different.

Ruth Scheuing works with fabric.
Scheuing uses a computerized sewing machine to create many of her works but they look as if she spent hours doing it by hand.

Her website and the images of the jacquard woven fabric is enthralling. I really enjoyed it.

Siobhan Humston shows a simplicity and a use of light that is compelling. I liked the fact that I could take a look then had to look again. Something always drew me back to them.

That is all for the artists I saw this year. Hopefully next year I will get to see many more.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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