Thursday, October 28, 2010

Places to Worship

While walking to my doctor's appointment on Tuesday I got a glimpse of this dome so I made a mental note to go investigate once I was finished at my doctor's. Once I got to West 12 Avenue I found the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Architect Samuel Buttery Birds designed this Neo-Classical church which was built from 1911-1912.

Pediments, massive columns, stained glass, brickwork and pre-cast concrete ornamentation adn the dome centred at the crossing highlight this structure.

Up until 1926 this was the Chalmers Presbyterian Church. In fact that name is still above the main door.

Here you see not only the original name but also an idea of the stained glass.

Chalmers United Church took over in 1926 and remained here until 1991 when the Holy Trinity Anglican Church took over.

This church is home to a senior citizens center and a theatre.
A very nice older lady stopped to talk with me as I was taking photos and she is very pleased with this church and the work they do.

Another church, this one in Strathcona and much more modest than the above one is the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church.

I know that this church was built in 1905 but that is about all I know. As you can see there is nothing fancy about, just a good place to worship.

I hope you realize that you don't need a building fancy or otherwise to pray and worship. After all God has created the perfect places to give thanks and feel a part of the world.

Okay,  I will admit that humans have aided in creating these natural places. But God did a lot of it. And I don't think there is anywhere better to give praise, give thanks and just talk with the Creator then outside with nature.

Personally when I go for my long walks and take  moment to wander into a park or somewhere similiar then turn off my iPod and just 'be' as they say I feel so relaxed afterwards. I get a calming feeling coursing through me as I stand on the earth and let the energy seep through my footwear and surge through my body. That is so rejuvenating.

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