Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did You Know

I am going to do something a little different. Today you will see an array of images of things I see around the city and I am just going to let you know some facts I have managed to glean from certain websites.

Ever wondered about city by-laws? On July 13, 1886 Vancouver City Council passed one that forbid bicycles from exceeding 8 mph. I wonder if bylaw 258 is still on the books?

On July 30, 1886 the M.A. McLean, Vancouver's first fire engine arrived in Port Moody. It was a 5,000 pound Ronald steam pumper with accessories such as four hose reels and 2,500 feet of 2 and 1/2 - inch hose that cost the city $6, 905. It was ordered a week after the Great Fire in June.

It took a four-horse team to haul it from New Westminster to Vancouver where it arrived on August 1. What excitement! The Ronald Steam pumper was state of the art with a reciprocating pump and could throw a stream of water over 150 feet. Since a new firehall was in the process of being built, the fire engine was placed in service 'under a canvas'. There was only one problem. The Vancouver fire department didn't have any horses to pull the pumper therefore it was hauled around town by the firemen.

In September of 1889 the firefighters finally got horses to pull the fire engine.

I took this photo on West Pender, just up from the Sun Tower. What treasures lie under that asphalt I wonder?
In September of 1881 an influential London  newspaper, the London Truth, stated that “British Columbia is not worth keeping. It should never have been inhabited at all. It will never pay a red cent of interest on the money that may be sunk in it.”

Hamilton Street between Hastings and Pender.

On June 29, 1878 Burrard Inlet's first newspaper appeared. The Moodyville Tickler had a short run probably due to its irreverant manner. For example the more money paid the more glowing the obituary would be. Sounds like fun though.

In 1887 William Macdougall's Advertiser began publishing in Vancouver. For a short time there were three daily newspapers in Vancouver. A settlement with a population of about 1,000.

In 1887 the Vancouver City Police got their first badges. They were made of American silver dollars with one side smoothed down and engraved Vancouver City Police and the other had a pin soldered on.

Also in the year 1887 the Oppenheimer family built a warehouse for their food wholesaling business. It still stands today as the oldest brick building in the city and the home to Bryan Adams' recording studio.

The city of Vancouver was incorporated on April 6, 1886. The ceremony was held in Jonathon Miller's house but had to be delayed. They had forgotten to bring paper to write out the details and someone had to go to the stationery store to buy paper.
In 1891 there was a population of about 13,000 in Vancouver. Six years before there were 400 and a year later at the time of incorporation there was 1,000. According to a 2006 census there are 578,041 people living in the city of Vancouver and I am sure it has grown in the last six years.

A lot seemed to happen in 1887. Four women known as the Hallelujah Lassies began an very worthwhile organization here in Vancouver. We know it as the Salvation Army.

July 1 1887 was the day that Vancouver became a customs port of entry.

E.T. Wade proudly became Surrey's first Police Constable in 1887. He was even prouder when a year later they gave him a gun and handcuffs.

Yesterday I said that there is beauty all around us if we look for it. And that is partially what this entry is about. Most of these photos are sitting on my computer because they don't have a story yet or fit in with another story yet I like what I saw. Like this sunflower.
I took this photo on the Friday before Labour Day but it didn't fit in anywhere. But I kept it because it looks so good. Or consider this one.

This is October, the weather is turning colder and the sunny days we have been experiencing lately are to end tomorrow. Yet this flower is as brilliant in color as it was in the spring time. The sheer tenacity, the will it has to continue is something that many of us can aspire to.

That was fun. At least I enjoyed it and I will have to do it again. I have so many facts to relate, so many more photos that are odd ones out and so many more posts.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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