Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cadets and Veterans

This touching memorial stands outside the Police Museum at the Coroner's Court. The plaque below reads: "We honour those who have gone before us and challenge those who will come after us to continue the tradition of excellence." It also acknowledges the financial support given by Dr. Joseph H. Cohen, his wife Mrs. Cohen and their children Lori, Bruce and Phyllis.

Another organization credited with assisting in this memorial is the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans organization, Taurus Unit 298.

The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada is Canada's oldest veteran's association. An exact start date cannot be pinpointed but it is known that in 1840 Queen Victoria gave a charter to create a unit in Montreal.
The ANAVETS came to be when those with the British and French colonial who stayed in Canada after their troops returned to Britain or France banded together to exchange information on service benefits and to fraternize. Then they were known as the Army Veterans in Canada. Following the war of 1812 British sailors who remained in Canada joined and the name was enlarged to the Army and Navy Veterans in Canada. After World War II, pilots joined.
I think if I remember correctly my grandfather James Magill was active with the organization in White Rock, BC. However that was a lot of years ago.
Since this post is centered around the military - it didn't start that way but that's how it goes - I am going to show you some photos of the drill hall.
Those who reside in downtown Vancouver may feel a little safer knowing that the Beatty Street Drill Hall is still standing guard - as it has done since it's opening by the Duke of Cornwall (later to become King George V) on September 30, 1901. The structure with its two large castle like turrets - complete with battlements - two tanks and a 64 pounder gun makes an imposing landmark.

The building rests on granite blocks and has walls that are three and a half feet thick. The parapet is made with limestone from Gabriola Island and has a rusticated stone trim. Inside there is a parade square, offices and store rooms. It is also home to the Regimental Museum of the BC Regiment which contains display from 1883. There you can see uniforms, medals, weapons, Nazi regalia, photographs and other interesting artifacts. Open to the public on Thursday afternoons this museum was established in 1982.

Along with the BC Regiment (DCO), the 2290 British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) Cadet Corps also parades at the armoury.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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