Friday, September 26, 2014

The Making of a Legend

I promised to tell you more about Gary Taylor and today we area going to look at some of the highlights of this man's career.

From 1964 to 1968, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) had a television show called Lets Go Show which played a part in developing Canadian bands and artists. Gary's band, the Classics, were the house band. The Classics were the lead off band of 2 part television special called Canadian Rock and Roll, also on CBC.

Gary Taylor is legendary in the nightclub business. He was co-owner of his first club, King of Clubs, and played in house band with other musicians, Tom Baird, Caire Lawrence, Glenn Miller and Brian Russell. These artists were the core of the Classics and went to become the core of the seminal band The Collectors with Bill Henderson. Ross Tierney took over on drums.

Gary had a good run with the King of Clubs before teaming up with rock and roll legend Buddy Knox (Party Doll / Hula Love and many other North American hit songs). The club also changed to the Purple Steer and became Greater Vancouver's premier country music club.

There was also the club Gary Taylor's Rock Room. That is where Taylor created "Live at Eleven", which spawned the 99.33 the Fox Vancouver Seeds Contest, Canada's Premier Independent Music Competition. The competition is over thirty years old and was originally broadcast live from the Rock Room.

The Rock Room was the place to be and during the punk scene, Gary brought in artists such as Johnny Thunders and The New York Dolls; Wayne / Jayne County (right at the time Wayne was turning into Jayne); Romeo Void; Lenny Kaye; Ray Loney and the Flamin' Groovies; Joe Jackson and many more.

We can't forget Gary Taylor's contributions to the exotic entertainment industry. He is known for placing art form in exotic dance performance. Some of his legendary productions include "Dracula and The Virgin" and "the Amorous Adventures of Wellington Wang" which were sold out for one year straight.

The majority of his clubs included live jazz, strip tease and stage plays. 

Gary has managed people from speed metal artists Jeff Walter and Annihilator to legendary blues artist Long John Baldry and currently manages country artists Carey Ott and Kate Lamont. He has his hands involved in many different ventures such as being talent coordinator for one of Vancouver's top live venues, Falconetti's on Commercial Drive to being Executive International Consultant of Canadian Music Week.

That is only a sampling of the credits this man has. Gary Taylor is truly a credit to the music industry not only in Vancouver but also worldwide

Thanks to Gary Taylor for supplying the bio where I got this information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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