Monday, September 29, 2014

From Salsbury to Napier

This home at 1528 Salsbury Drive is one of the early homes in the Grandview area. It is an example of the Gabled Vernacular Style - a simple rectangular form with a front-gabled roof and an attached porch, in this case with an upper balcony that once would have afforded excellent views over the city, before other buildings got in the way - and was the first on its block. It was built a year before Edward Faraday Odlum erected his BC Mills Prefab home at 1860 Grant. See this entry for more information on those homes.

The water permit, #8365, was issued to the Grandview Land and Trust Co. on November 11, 1905. The city directories show a carpenter by the name of Peter Sausen living at '1540'. Was he responsible for building this home?

This next house is at 1733 Napier Street. There is a listing on VanMap for 1905 but this block of Napier wasn't opened until 1907 so perhaps the application is referring to an earlier shack in the stumps.

This is a Colonial Revival Style: boxy house form with a projecting porch and a hipped roof; more elaborate versions often have a dormer in the middle of the front part of the roof, and bay windows on the second storey.

The Grandview Heritage Group - where I am getting my information - haven't found a building permit for this address but the 1907 City Directory lists this home as new and vacant. It was still vacant in 1908 but from 1909 to 1912, it was occupied by a realtor, George E. Neilson.

The next house I am going to show you is at 1750 Napier Street. It is in the Early Cottage Style - a single storey version of the Colonial Revival Style homes seen around the city. The insert front porch was likely filled to create more living space.

Another home with a lost building permit, the house was built in early 1909. The first occupant was Walter Watkins, a secretary. A widow, Agnes Close, lived here in 1910 and early 1911 when it was taken over by a CPR clerk, Duncan Cameron. He was issued a building permit on November 5, 1911 for an $85 repair.

As I mentioned earlier,  I am getting my information from the Grandview Heritage Group and I would like to thank them.

I hope you find the beauty around you.


  1. Outside houses always make me want to peek inside and see how they are decorated. I am feeble when it comes to decorating.

    1. I know the feeling. I would love to explore some of these old homes - especially the attics!