Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meandering in Mole Hill

If you are walking along Comox Street - heading west - you will turn left - south - on Bute Street to continue along the next corridor in Mole Hill.

On Bute there are three houses that are identical and excellent examples of Edwardian architecture. They all have the wide open porches and were built in 1908.

The addresses of the homes are 1110, 1116 and 1122 Bute. All have had a variety of renters and owners over the years.

1110 and 1122 have been restored. The interior and exterior are back to their original beauty - including the outside heritage colors. 1116 has been converted to a strata title and the interior restoration reflects this while the exterior was restored to original.

There are a few more buildings on Bute that I want to show you and discuss but I don't have clear pictures so I will be going back.

The green house you are seeing here is right at the corner of Bute and Pendrell. I was certain to get some photos of the back to show you.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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