Friday, September 16, 2011

Bikes and Art

In the alley on the day I toured Mole Hill there was some artwork done by patients at the Dr. Peter Centre. The Dr. Peter Centre helps those living with HIV/AIDS.

The centre offers many services. There is counselling to help with emotional wellness, mental health issues and fighting addictions, recreational and complementary therapy such as gardening, fitness, yoga and acupuncture. Also available is specialized nursing that can help stabilize a patient's health, long-term care and compassionate end of life care.

The centre also helps with food and nutrition by  supplying wholesome nutrient-dense meals and dietary guidance. Housing advocacy and assistance with other social and medical services is available as is HIV medication maintenance.

Art and muisc therapy is offered as a way for the patients to express their creativityand develop more self awareness and communication skills.

In my mind one of the important aspects to the Dr. Peter Centre is the social participation. When a person is diagnosed with a chronic illness it can leave them feeling very isolated. I experienced that when I was first diagnosed with MS. My world shrank so much. Id idn't go to work every day and interact with people, people I thought were friends gradually drifted away as they got caught up in their lives and we less in common. I am fortunate that I am mobile but if a physical disability limits a person's mobility he or she may just sit at home, playing on a computer and watching TV. Not much of a life. It is good to get out into the world and realize that no matter what illness you have, you are still important. You are still here and still  part of this world.

These two smiling people are with the YMCA's Bikes.Community program. This program takes students in grades 6-12 teaches them leadership and presentation skills while they make friends from different cultures and refurbish bikes which they get to keep.

The way I understand it is that people donate their used bikes then the youth involved in this program are taught how to rebuild the bikes. It is a great way to the kids busy and give them something for their work.

Presently this program is only available to those in certain districts but if it does well hopefully other areas will participate. If you are interested then be sure to email I am sure he would love to hear from you.
Except for the homes I have go back and get better photos of, that is it for Mole Hill and the wonderful day I spent there. Next week we'll be on to a new topic.

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