Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1933 Continues

I am going to be talking more about events in 1933 but first I wanted to show you this. This is an old home on Victoria Drive. In the seven years I have lived in this area I would walk past the structure and feel a heavy sadness. It was a beautiful house that was slowly dying. I wondered when the city was going to tear it down. But that isn't what happened.

A 'special needs' assisted mental health facility, Britannia Lodge - run by the Arvand Development Corporation - is next door. Karl Gustavson Architect Inc was hired to restore this heritage home and connect it to the lodge.
I think they did a beautiful job. Don't you? As a resident of the area and an admirer of our city's history I want to thank all who were involved in bringing this forgotten jewel back to life.

Now onto more of 1933.

On August 14, 1933 J.S. Woodsworth spoke to crowds about the new political party, the CCF, that he was leader of. (CCF stands for Co-Operative Commonwealth Confederation which was precursor of the NDP)
On August 25th a non-stop flight began in Vancouver and ended in Kingston the next day.

October 21 was the day that the first suicide jump from Burrard Bridge was made. At one time there were apparently line-ups of people waiting their turn to jump. The only problem was that the height of the bridge isn't quite enough and many jumpers didn't end their lives but rather just suffered severe injury.

This table does NOT have real papers on it. But it definitely gives that impression.
Texas Guinan-a big time American entertainer - died in Vancouver General Hospital of amoebic dysentery on November 5. She failed to recover after an operation.

On December 5 prohibition in the US was repealed.

In 1933, 96,869,841 bushels of wheat were shipped out of Vancouver making the city the largest grain port.

The Canada Rice Mill in Richmond was built in 1933. This not only added a new source of tax revenue but also much needed employment in the depression years.

A Briggs and Stratton household appliance motor was converted to boats by Dan Sewell of Horseshoe Bay. He started one of the first power boat and fishing operations on the coast. (It is ingenuity like that which makes people wealthy during times of economic depression)

Nat Bailey's White Spot No. 1 restaurant opened on Granville at 67th Avenue. In June 1928 Bailey had operated a drive-in hotdog, barbecue stand at the location.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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