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Gordon Campbell

Born January 12, 1948 in Vancouver, Gordon Campbell is the son of Charles Gordon (Chargo) Campbell and his wife Peg. Charles was a doctor and Assistant Dean of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, UBC, while Peg was a kindergarten assistant at University Hill Elementary School.

Charles and Peg Campbell had four children and Gordon grew up in the West Point Grey area, going to Stride Elementary and University Hill Secondary School. Young Gordon was student council president there!

While in high school, Campbell was accepted into the Ivy League institution in New Hampshire, Dartmouth College. He was offered a scholarship and a job so he could afford fees.

Originally, Campbell had intended on following in his late father's footsteps - the elder Campbell had committed suicide in 1961 - and train in medicine. However, three English professors persuaded the young man to turn his attentions to English and Urban Management. Gordon earned himself a BA in English at Dartmouth and, in 1969, was granted a $1,500 Urban Studies Fellowship. This made it possible for Gordon to return to Vancouver and start working in the city government. It was then that Campbell met Art Phillips, a city councillor and future mayor of Vancouver.

Gordon graduated from university and married Nancy Chipperfield on July 4, 1970 in New Westminster. The newlyweds went to Nigeria to teach under the Canadian University Overseas program. Gordon coached basketball and track and field while launching literary initiatives.

Campbell was accepted to Stanford to pursue a master's in education but he and Nancy chose to return to Vancouver where Gordon entered law school at UBC and Nancy completed her education degree. Campbell's law education was short-lived though. He returned to the City of Vancouver to work with Art Phillips on his mayoral campaign. When Phillips was elected, Gordon went to work for him as his executive assistant - a position he held until 1976.

 This house at 1803 Venables was built in 1902. Obviously, it has had a few upgrades!

At the age of 28, Gordon left Mayor Phillips' office and went to work as a project manager for Marathon Realty.

In 1978, the Campbells bought a house in Point Grey where they would live for the next 26 years.

Geoffrey, Gordon and Nancy's first child, was born in 1976 and Nicholas, their second, in 1979.

In 1981, Campbell left Marathon Realty and started his own business, Citycore Development Corporation that, despite Canada's economic slowdown, did well. Citycore constructed buildings in Vancouver.

Gordon hadn't forgotten about politics though. After a two-year absence, Campbell became involved with May Brown's mayoral campaign and was an active supporter of the Downtown Stadium for Vancouver committee. Brown was unsuccessful but Campbell and the committee continued to push for the stadium and to revitalize the industrially polluted land of False Creek. In 1980, Premier Bill Bennett announced the Downtown Stadium project.
I have a lot more to tell you about Mr. Gordon Campbell and will continue to consult Wikipedia for information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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