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This house is at 1872 Parker Street in the Grandview district. It was built in 1909 for Mr. Brookhouse.

It is one of a dozen Queen Anne style residences in the area. The turret has become an identifying emblem in Grandview. 

Here's what the home used to look like, before years of neglect made it into what it is today.
Not too long ago this residence was sold. Initially, the owner was interested in turning this once fine home into a two-family home and retaining the character.

Unfortunately, there were problems with the plans to do this and now the owner has applied to the city for a demolition permit so that this formerly grand lady can be torn down and two duplexes put in its place.

The Grandview Heritage Group and others are protesting the demolition and trying to save the home. Members of the group have toured the interior of this home, which was once used as a boarding house and you can see those photos at this page.

I really hope that Brookhouse can be saved. Other Queen Anne style homes in the area have been successfully converted. The Odlum home on Grant is now a coop and the Hawkins residence on Victoria Drive has been redone and is now part of the Britannia Lodge. Kurrajong at Napier and Salsbury is another fine old home that has been remodelled. And Vancouver is so young that we need to retain as much of our history as we can.

Here's the Hawkins House.
The last two photos are of Kurrajong.

I thought I had a photo of the Odlum House - I am certain I have written on it - but I can't find it.

Thanks goes to the Grandview Heritage Group for the information on Brookhouse.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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