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It's Murder!

Leonard Frank took this photo in 1920 of telephone poles at the Capilano Timber Company Limited.

Leonard Frank took this 1920 photo of visiting C.P.R. agents on a logging train at the Capilano Timber Company. 
A 1925 shot of Jericho Beach, taken by Leonard Frank.

In 1922, Leonard Frank was on hand to catch this photo of a plane crash in the water off Point Grey. 

Today I am going to continue with my narration of the death of Janet Smith.

When we last left this tale, Janet's death had been ruled a suicide. Several of Smith's friends didn't believe that conclusion and started a movement. They contacted Vancouver's United Council of Scottish Societies and Presbyterian church leaders concerned with the moral perils facing immigrant girls and those organizations sent telegrams to provincial attorney general Alexander Malcolm Manson, demanding the case be reopened.

Another photo taken by Leonard Frank of the 1922 plane crash.
This was taken by Philip Timms, sometime in the 1920s, of the S.S. Capilano.

A 1921 photo of Magee High School (formerly Point Grey High School) taken by Leonard Frank.
Frank Leonard took this photo of homes in Point Grey in 1921.

Vancouver Star editor, Victor Wentworth Odlum, began publishing stories about this now suspicious death and he wasn't shy about his views that the police bungled the investigation. Intense interest was aroused among the citizens and many had a culprit fingered for the nanny's death - Wong Foon Sing.

Smith's friends were quick to relate that Janet was afraid of Sing and feared that he would one day kill her. Her diary however told a different story. Janet was well aware of the effect that she had on the young houseboy and she clearly enjoyed the attention and the lavish gifts bestowed on her like the silk nightdress Sing gave her.

Leonard Frank took this 1927 photo of the Vancouver Daily Star building at 303 West Pender.
Another photo taken of the Vancouver Daily Star. This was taken in 1929 by Stuart Thomson. (this photo is from the City of Vancouver archives)

A photo of some wood frame houses in Point Grey. Taken in 1921 by Leonard Frank.
On July 12, 1928, Frank Leonard took this photo of a house at 4641 Bellevu in Point Grey.

Public pressure was mounting and the body of Janet Smith was exhumed and a second autopsy was performed. The result? Smith had been murdered.

The Scottish Societies continued to apply pressure to the government in order to find the person responsible for this horrendous crime, for the murder of this innocent Scottish girl. Manson hired a special prosecutor, Malcolm Bruce Jackson, to solve this mystery and find out what happened to this 'young Scotswoman of blameless character'.

The press was all over this story, depicting Janet as a sweet, innocent girl from the old country and the stories were full of speculation. The Janet Smith murder - and suspected police cover up - outraged many citizens. Someone had to pay.

These men and women were at 2890 Point Grey Road when Leonard Frank took this photo on August 15, 1929.

On March 28, 1923 Leonard Frank took this photo of the Point Grey golf and country club.
This photo dates back to July 23, 1923 when Leonard Frank took a picture of the clubhouse and course at the Jericho Golf Links.

Leonard Frank took this photo from the rooftop of Pool Elevator 1 on June 19, 1929.

Wednesday I will tell you more about Janet Smith and her much publicized murder. I will also tell you the results of my free promotion.

All these photos except the one mentioned are from the Vancouver Public Library collection.

The information on the Janet Smith murder came from The Directory of Canadian Biography Online.
Philip Timms took this photo in the 1930s from the top of Grouse Mountain.
I hope you find the beauty around you.

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