Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ending '43

Elmore Philpott, born in Toronto, joined the Vancouver Sun. This 47-year-old started a political affairs column that lasted until 1961.

Lutz Haufschild, a Vancouver artist, was born in 1943 in Germany. Haufschild is a glass artist, recognized worldwide for his creations.

One of Canada's largest contractors, Vancouver based E.J. Ryan Contracting, filed for bankruptcy in 1943. 

Another birth in 1943 was that of Norm Jewison. (This Jewison is no relation to the movie director) This future sports publicist was born in England and raised in Montreal before coming to Vancouver in 1977 to become public relations director for the Canucks.

The following article appeared in the Province newspaper in 1943:

“City police Sunday seized two cameras and a quantity of film from persons taking photographs in prohibited waterfront areas. “A Lt.-Cdr. of the U.S. Navy lost his camera and film when he was stopped by police at Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

 “Two girls, photographing each other at the North Vancouver ferry wharf, were required to turn over their picture-taking equipment.

“A man reported to be taking pictures of English Bay from Queen Mary School grounds, Fourth and Trimble, could not be found when police searched the district Sunday."

John Henderson began as a Vancouver School Trustee - a position he would hold for twenty two years. In 1961, he was named Vancouver's Good Citizen due to his long history of service in numerous organizations and for his exemplary personal deeds. Henderson even had an elementary school named after him.

In 1943, the precursor of the Vancouver Volunteer Centre was formed. Initially, its duties were to mobilize women for the war effort, provide accommodation for children evacuated from Britain and for the women working on the assembly line. The Women's Voluntary Service, as it was known at the time, began by helping 37 agencies and had 267 volunteers. By the end of the war, there were over 10,000 volunteers registered with the agency.

R.J. Sprott died in '43 and his widow, Anna Ethel Sprott became president of the Sprott-Shaw Schools of Commerce, Radio and Telegraphy. She was also the founder of the West Coast Radio Show.

That is all I should be writing on 1943. I think! Thanks goes to the History of Metropolitan Vancouver website for the information.

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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