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I feel a certain affection for the man I am talking about today. I don't know him, have never met him and Terry David Mulligan has no idea who I am. But I know who he is and today I am going to tell my readers know more about him.

Born in New Westminster on June 30, 1942, Mulligan is a Canadian actor, television and radio personality. After attending Norkam Secondary School in Kamloops, BC (the same high school I went to though different years) his first career was that of an RCMP officer in Olds and Red Deer, Alberta from 1960 to 1964.

According to Wikipedia Mulligan then worked for twenty years as a radio DJ before joining CBC television as host of Good Rockin' Tonite (a show that featured music videos and ran from 1983 until 1993. TDM was host until 1985 when he left to join MuchMusic.)

When looking at Terry's IMDB page, it shows he actually appeared on TV as early as 1968 as himself in a TV series entitled Hits a Poppin'. It appears that Mulligan began his onscreen acting career in a CBC TV series entitled Hey Taxi in 1972.

And it looks like it has just gone upwards from there.

Terry David Mulligan has worked onscreen, appearing in numerous movies and television shows, since he started. I started a couple of times to count how many productions he has been in but once I got to fifty and realized that I was still in the 1990s, I said to heck with it! Let's just say he has had - and continues to have - a prolific career in film.

I mentioned that Terry went into radio after his stint serving the Queen and country and now, thanks to CKUA Radio Network I have more information. He worked for stations such as CKRD, CFUN and CHUM and was responsible for programming Canada's first underground radio station, which is now known as CFOX. (Then it was known as CKLG/FM) He hosted CBC's The Great Canadian Goldrush and Discumentary.

Mulligan's Stew is a both a book - an autobiography, Mulligan's Stew - My Life...So Far - and a two-hour long radio show hosted by none other than TDM. The radio show, which airs Saturdays at 5pm MST is on CKUA and is a mixture of pop, rock, rhythm and blues as well as soul music.

Then there is the Tasting Room radio show and the Hollywood and Vines TV show. This is one busy man! I am getting tired just writing this!

Needless to say, Terry David Mulligan has been given many honors and awards including the Canadian Announcer of the Year and VJ of the Year. But the award the inspired this entry was Terry's Facebook post that the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters had named him Broadcaster of the Year. Congratulations Mr. Mulligan.
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We have come to the end of another entry. I hope you enjoyed my brief look at TDM's career and I hope you find the beauty around you.

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