Monday, June 11, 2012

Flirty Forty

By the title, it should be easy to gather that I am talking about 1940.

On either July 8 or 9, 1940 is the date that the first British evacuee children arrived in Vancouver. Thousands of children came here to stay safe during the Second World War.

Also in July of that year, the Channel Islands became the only British territory occupied by Nazi Germany. In response, the Vancouver’s Channel Islanders’ Society started to hold fundraising activities for refugees from Guernsey and Jersey.

On August 6 there is good news. According to the Province 4,000 people showed up for the opening of the Theatre Under the Stars in the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. (12,000 if you believe the Sun.) The program featured The Geisha, As You Like It and Midsummer Night's Dream. If you reserved a seat it cost you fifty cents, twenty five if you didn't. 
August 26.1940 is when the Sun's Free Salmon Derby began.

Taken in New Westminster on October 1, 1940, this is one of the most famous photos of World War II. It is entitled 'Wait for Me Daddy'.
This photograph shows the Eighth Street and Columbia Avenue intersection. Photographer Claude P. Dettloff positioned himself to capture the column of soldiers walking down the hill when he saw the five-yea- old Warren 'Whitey' Bernard escape his mother's grasp and run to his father, Private Jack Bernard.

Life magazine picked up this picture and it appeared worldwide. In addition, it hung in schoolrooms across British Columbia during the war. Good news is that Bernard made it back from the war and Dettloff was on hand to photograph the family's reunion.

On October 17 the cornerstone for the Shaughnessy Military Hospital was laid.

During the war, many women from the Prairies came to Vancouver to find work at the local canneries. They stayed in company bunkhouses, guarded by matrons to protect the young ladies' virtue.Many of these women married fishermen and stayed on.

Jung Jin Sow became the publisher of the Chinese Times and he would be publisher for the next eight years.
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