Friday, February 10, 2012

Strange Stories and Broadway

These are 630 and 636 East Broadway. Both homes were  built in 1908.

The first resident in 630 was Robert Welsh's widow Christina. A mariner by the name of Robert C. Melon occupied 636 first.

I am going to tell you more strange and wonderful stories about Vancouver and just to give credit where credit is due I am getting this information from The History of Metropolitan Vancouver website. The info on the buildings is from Bob_2006's Photostream on Flickr.

The current address of this building is 163 West Broadway but when it was built in 1907 it was 143 Ninth Avenue.

If you have ever been in Stanley Park you may have noticed the numerous grey squirrels running around. All of those furry little creatures are descendants of eight pairs of squirrels brought from New York City in 1909.

A Leslie W. Richmond is the first resident listed for this address and that record appears for 1908. Richmond worked as a clothier at the Belfast Clothing Store at 42 West Cordova Street.

A young English actor by the name of William Pratt stopped for awhile in Vancouver in 1910. Pratt worked as a carpenter on what was to become the PNE before going onto Hollywood where he became known as Boris Karloff.

Two years later an English revue company by the name of Karno's Comedians performed in Vancouver. Among the cast were  Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel.
In 1910 there was a neighbourhood formed in Vancouver that got its name from the Interurban train stop there, Cedar Cottage\. The stop was named for the Cedar Cottage Brewery.

There were a group of Vancouver businessmen who wanted to build a dam across the Second Narrows. The dam would have been 15-metres high. The only problem with that was that it would have flooded Port Moody and, naturally, the residents of that town protested. Successfully too since there is no dam and Port Moody still exists.

Marie Lloyd was an English music hall performer who wanted to visit Vancouver in 1914 but the mayor banned her from appearing. The disgraceful performer actually had the gall to raise her floor length gown two inches to show her ankles during her performance. How dare she!

I hope you find the beauty around you.

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