Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Korets of California in Canada

This is the McLennan and McFeely Building on East Cordova Street - there is another one on Water Street. The one on Water Street was built in 1905 and this one a year later.

This large, five-storey brick and stone commercial building is a good example of a warehouse constructed in BC's commercial centre during the twentieth century. It is also representative of the importance of Gastown as the trans-shipment point between the terminus of the railway and Pacific shipping routes, and the consequent expansion of Vancouver into western Canada’s predominant commercial centre in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The McLennan, McFeely and Company Ltd. was a company that specialized in the import and distribution of hardware and building supplies. By building this warehouse the company illustrated the growing warehouse industry in Vancouver.

This building remained with the firm through the 1950s although the name was now McLennan, McFeely and Prior. In the 1960s the building was acquired by a major supplier of industrial products with 200 outlets and eight distribution centres in Canada, Acklands (now known as Acklands-Grainger)

By 1975 the building had become a warehouse for Korets of California in Canada a sportswear manufacturer. Up until 1999 Koret maintained the lower floors while renting out the upper storeys to the film industry and as art studios. But in 2004 the building was renovated and converted to residential lofts.

The renovations included the rebuilding of the water tower, restorations of the steel fire escapes and the addition of a roof top patio.

I have a few more pictures from the short time I spent at the Robson Square Artisan Market.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post I got here too early and things weren't totally set up. But I got to meet some great people, like Freddie Fencepost who carved those awesome masks.

I also met Richelle. (I  think that is spelt correctly.)

As you can see, Richelle was there with a radio station - 100.5 the Peak - and was handling a draw. I didn't enter because I didn't want to stay around until 3pm.

There was also an organization that was there to cause people to question life.
This is one of the booths I like to see. I may or may not agree with their philosophies but at least they are getting me to exercise my mind.

Here are a few shots of what I have seen on my walks.
I hope you find the beauty around you.

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